Africa30 CS 022    $120.00
Rhondonite beads and cross with hematite and crystal

 By purchasing any of the one-of-a-kind pieces from this page, Sweets Jewelry will donate

 30% of the sale to supportAwake Africa Scotlandto help stop violence

 against women.


 Africa30 CS 001     $143.00         
Large rhondonite pendant with carnelian and  onyx  
Africa30 CS 024    $118.00
Glass leaf beads with lava stone beads, hematite, faux glass pearls, long copper bugle beads with an abalone shell pendant
Africa30 CS 015    $118.00
Etched horned pendant with round and horn beads, obsidian beads and  lava stone with Brass spacer beads
Africa30 CS 002    $130.00
Dalmation stone cross with silver
spacer beads and onyx
Africa30 CS 013    $163.00
Opalites, raw crystal branch beads and blue quartz cross
Africa30 CS 006    $148.00
moss agates, hematite,  vintage wood
with serpentine cross
Africa30 CS 021    $145.00
Hand carved brown jade cross with goldstone, crystals, faux glass pearls and hematite
Africa30 CS 014    $147.00
Small choker in baby freshwater pearls, crystals, brass and focal lampwork bead as a pendant
Africa30 CS 027    $130.00
Rhondonite cross with pink opalites, glass beads and hematite
Africa30 CS 005    $171.00
Rutilated quartz crystal pendant with hematite and clear quartz
Africa30 CS 010    $140.00
Hand carved face in bone, oven baked beads, crackled glass beads, glass faux pearls and crystals
Africa30 CS 009    $175.00
Jasper pendant and jasper branch beads with hematite
Africa30 CS 025    $166.00
Serpentine cross with hematite, glass faux pearls and crackled glass beads
Africa 30 CS 004    $47.00
Brown heishi beads with clay long beads copper spacer beads and copper pendant
Africa30 CS 003    $53.00
Tiny seed beads with crystals and
 hand carved shell heart
Africa30 CS 007    $136.00
Lava & bone cameo pendant with silver bead caps, glass faux pearls, onyx and black crystal
Africa30 CS 017    $145.00
Abalone shells, crystals and silver
Africa30 CS 008    $175.00
Hand carved cinnabar pendant with coral branch beads, coral round beads, black lava beads, onyx round beads and brass beads
ASfrica30 CS 012    $117.00
Etched bone leaf pendant and
Vintage round beads
Africa30 CS 026    $122.00
Blue quartz cross pendant, opalities, silver spacer beads & hematite
Africa30 CS 020    $97.00
Jasper pendant with lava stone, semiprecious stone, hematite & Philippine wood
Africa30 CS 016    $142.00
Jasper branch beads, hematite and a seashell tipped in gold leafing pendant
Africa30 CS 018    $146.00
Etched bone feathers and seahorse, opalites, copper, crystazzi pearls and  abalone  
Africa30 CS 019    $120.00
Freshwater pearls and crystal
Africa30 CS 011    $53.00
Hand carved bone cross with glass pearls and  brass
Africa30 CS 023    $62.00
Carmel quartz focal bead, crystals and freshwater pearls