‚ÄčCarol Lynn Sweets was born in Long Beach California but eventually moved to Arizona, and for 15 years she worked on a cattle ranch riding the rough string and punchin' cows. Carol Lynn has had the heart of an artist all of her life, so when she finally began designing jewelry, she learned to express herself through the gems and the beads. She gave each piece her voice and opinion but mainly, her designs told her personal story. Carol Lynn is inspired by the colors and textures of the beads and gems, each one being unique and special in their own way.

Carol Lynn Sweets was fortunate enough to meet and marry her best friend and they've been happily married for many years. Together, Carol Lynn and her husband raised two handsome sons, Matt and Pat. Both of their sons were firefighters but tragedy struck when their youngest son Pat, was killed after working a 48 hour shift fighting a fire. Being completely fatigued, Pat fell asleep at the wheel and upon impact, died instantly.

From that moment on, Carol Lynn has dedicated each and every piece to her son Pat. At first she expressed her grief through her designs, but eventually her grief morphed into celebrating the beauty of his life through her gorgeous creations. 

Carol Lynn Sweets' designs have been featured nationally and internationally in several major publications and they've been seen on celebrities from stage, screen, TV and music. In addition,  her vintage jewelry collection is one of the largest in California. Currently, Sweets Jewelry has expanded into retail establishments worldwide.